Virginia Scrap Metal Recycler Installs Advanced StormwateRx Treatment System

StormwateRx treatment system at Davis Industries in Lorton, VA is the most environmentally protective installation on the East Coast. The installation, which utilizes Aquip® and Purus® systems in a stormwater treatment train, assures a high level of pollutant removal and water purification prior to releasing stormwater back into the environment.

Portland, Oregon — September 21, 2011 — StormwateRx LLC, a provider of industrial stormwater treatment and filtration systems, today announced that Davis Industries, a scrap metal recycling facility in Lorton, VA, has installed the most environmentally protective StormwateRx treatment system on the East Coast. The new system removes dirt, sediment, fine particulates, hydrocarbons and dissolved metals from stormwater runoff from Davis Industries’ 23 acre scrap metal recycling yard. The StormwateRx treatment train, which utilizes an Aquip® enhanced stormwater filtration system to condition the water and remove hydrocarbons and a Purus® advanced stormwater polishing system for removal of fine particulates and dissolved metals, has enabled the company to meet stringent environmental permit requirements and protect local waterways from pollution. Davis also utilizes synergistic water reclamation processes that enable the company to save water by recycling it for use in washing and cooling the company’s automobile shredder.

“The installation of a StormwateRx treatment train at Davis Industries sets another example for the scrap metal industry and demonstrates the company’s commitment to clean water,” said Calvin Noling, president and CEO of StormwateRx, LLC. “It is the most extensive StormwateRx treatment train installed in the eastern region.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, and making sure we have the best stormwater treatment equipment is part of that commitment,” said Bill Bukevicz, executive vice president of Davis Industries. “The StormwateRx treatment train has put Davis Industries at the forefront of environmental technology for the scrap metal recycling industry and we are proud to own one of the most environmentally protective systems on the East Coast.”

RT Environmental Services, an East Coast representative for sales and service of StormwateRx stormwater treatment systems, completed the sale to Davis Industries for use in their Lorton, VA scrap metal facility that includes an automobile shredder, shear, eddy/ISS systems and a non-ferrous bailing system. The Davis Industries facility, which is currently operating under a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit with the State of Virginia and a facility-generated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), selected StormwateRx technology to help the company meet facility discharge parameters for total suspended solids as well as total metals. To achieve these goals, Davis has augmented their settling pond with a three-product treatment train consisting of a Retenu 20I, an Aquip 210SBG and a Purus Metals 210FR.

The Retenu is a basic industrial stormwater filtration system for high sediment loading applications and can be used stand-alone or, as in the case of Davis Industries, as a pre-treatment to the Aquip enhanced stormwater filtration system and Purus advanced stormwater polishing system. Retenu’s fully automated and chemical-free treatment process uses filtered stormwater for backwashing, flushing out accumulated dirt and concentrating pollutants, sending them back to the stormwater sedimentation pond. This process reduces the concentration of particulates in the effluent by removing solid metals and other pollutants.

The Aquip, which is installed at Davis Industries as the secondary treatment component, is an innovative, enhanced media filtration system for industrial stormwater applications. This stormwater treatment best management practice (BMP) is an efficient, yet simple and easy-to-use system that provides the treatment needed to meet most stormwater quality standards.

The Purus stormwater polishing system provides the most advanced level of stormwater treatment and is designed for challenging stormwater conditions and/or targeted pollutant removal. Davis Industries installed the Purus as the third component in the stormwater treatment train for additional removal of dissolved metals to meet water quality standards for the State of Virginia. The high level of pollutant removal provided by the Purus system is ideal for facilities such as scrap metal yards, where higher concentrations of total and dissolved metals are unavoidable and/or where more stringent or watershed-specific water quality standards apply.

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