Third Party report verifies Aquip removal of PCBs

This technical memorandum presents the analytical results for two stormwater treatment system sampling events. URS collected treatment system influent and effluent water samples on February 22 and April 22, 2013

The treatment system, installed by StormwateRx in February 2012, treats both stormwater and groundwater (seepage) that enters the basement of the building. Stormwater enters the building through a drain at the base of the loading ramp located on the southeast side of the building and travels through the basement drainage system into an existing sump identified as Sump A (Figure 1). An electric sump pump with an integrated float switch pumps water from Sump A through the StormwateRx treatment system to remove polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The treated effluent is plumbed back into an existing line for discharge to [ REMOVED ]. The treatment system includes an effluent flow meter and totalizer to monitor the volume of treated water. The StormwateRx treatment unit is equipped with influent and effluent sample ports for collection of water samples.