A High-Performing Stormwater Polisher

Purus Polishing is a collection of industrial stormwater treatment technologies designed to remove small particulates, colloidal solids, dissolved metals, nitrate, toxic organics and bacteria to low levels. Purus requires relatively clear inlet water with a TSS concentration of less than 20 mg/L. To achieve this level of clarity, Purus systems are most often used downstream of Aquip filtration or another high-performing particulate-reduction technology.

The Purus technologies can be applied individually or in a series to reduce most pollutants to below benchmarks or numeric action levels. With this level of stormwater pollutant removal possible, the Purus system is ideal for industries where higher concentrations of specific pollutants are unavoidable or where more stringent or watershed-specific water quality standards apply.

Purus Features

  • Flow matched to upstream treatment rates
  • Slip-stream treatment configuration available
  • Freeze protection available
  • Targets individual site-specific parameters
  • Removes trace pollutants in hard to treat applications

Purus Performance

How Purus Works

Project Profiles


Washington galvanizing site meets stormwater benchmarks for zinc with innovative stormwater design, Aquip basic filtration and Purus metals polishing.


US electricity generator uses StormwateRx process for hotspot industrial stormwater runoff from the site preventing pollutants from reaching the Ohio River.