StormwateRx offers three approaches to sediment removal – a settling system for low-flow, large particle-size stormwater conditions, a filtration system for high-flow, high sediment-loading, and a modular high flow-rate separator.

Clara Separator — Gravity Separation

Clara Filter — High Rate Filtration

Clara Separator Features

Clara Filter Features

Clara (KLAR-uh) Separator is a patented oil-grit-trash-water gravity separator for industrial stormwater treatment. This below-ground, standalone system is a high capacity oil water separator specifically designed for the fluctuating flow rates inherent to stormwater.  With the built-in internal high flow bypass, pollutants are trapped in this below-ground structure even during peak runoff events.

  • Traps pollutants within the system
  • Removes floatable materials, oil and dirt
  • HS20 load rated, higher loading capacities available
  • Sediment storage capacity of up to 10 cu. yds.
  • Available with integrated pump package for downstream treatment
  • Optional oil coalescing media packs for enhanced oil removal

Clara (KLAR-uh) Filter is a patent pending†, passive media filter that can serve as standalone treatment or as a pretreatment BMP for sites with high particulate (TSS) loading. Clara Filter is specifically designed for filtration of runoff from site with erosion, or sites where the stormwater quality is close to benchmarks/numeric action levels.

  • Removes free oil, trash, suspended solids, metals and other pollutants from stormwater runoff.
  • HS20 load rated, higher loading capacities available.
  • System is housed in a concrete structure with access through manhole or hatch openings.
  • Extends maintenance interval of downstream treatment BMPs.
  • Typical suspended solids (TSS) reduction is greater than 70%, with demonstrated reduction up to 90%.

Clara Separator Sizing

Clara Filter Sizing

Clara Separator Operation

Clara Filter Performance

Clara LongBox Separator – Modular, High-Flow Suspended Solids & Metals Removal

  • Pre-built & fully assembled
  • Multiple configurations with flow rates up to 2,500 GPM
  • Available as an insulated, self-contained system for cold weather applications
  • Fast, simple on-site set-up
  • Operates on non-level ground
  • Easy sludge monitoring and removal
  • Operator access platform for easy access and maximum safety
  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Designed for easy shipping
  • Pilot testing available

Clara LB Features

StormwateRx Clara® LB® high-flow separators are designed specifically for efficient sediment, suspended solids and metals removal on stormwater treatment and dewatering projects. These innovative, rectangular separators are also well-suited for the treatment of process water, mine groundwater and wastewater. They are built for easy transport on flat-bed trucks to sites and remote areas. Once on location, installation, setup and operation are fast and simple with their small footprint, even on uneven ground. Available with tube settlers or inclined plates, Clara® LB® separators provide excellent removal efficiencies compared to traditional weir tanks and settling or frac tanks commonly used for sediment treatment on unpaved sites and in heavier industrial applications.

Clara LB Sizing and Configurations

StormwateRx Clara® LB® (LongBox) separators are available in several different configurations to address a wide range of flow rates, sites and operational considerations:

Project Profiles


California steel fabrication business installed industrial stormwater treatment system. The water quality protection system removes sediment, oil, and heavy metals.


Regional electric utility in the Pacific Northwest installed StormwateRx Clara basic separators to remove floatables, oil, and dirt from runoff from its substation and maintenance facilities.


This award-winning recycling and garbage collection company installed stormwater filtration to meet MS4 and Industrial General Permit requirements.


A U.S. Air Force Reserve Station was concerned that heavy metals from spent ammunition rounds was being washed by stormwater runoff into a nearby waterway.


A family run LA company dealing in steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and all other metals targets removal of pollutants from stormwater using passive treatment.

Project Images