Clara LongBox: a high sediment-loading, high flow-rate active treatment separator in a flexible, modular package.

Clara (KLAR-uh) LongBox (LB) Separators are designed specifically for efficient sediment, suspended solids and metals removal on stormwater treatment and dewatering projects and the treatment of process water, mine groundwater and wastewater. Easily transport on flat-bed trucks to sites and remote areas, installation, setup and operation are fast and simple with their small footprint, even on uneven ground. Available with tube settlers or inclined plates, Clara® LB® separators provide excellent removal efficiencies compared to traditional weir tanks and settling or frac tanks commonly used for sediment treatment on unpaved sites and in heavier industrial applications.


  • Pre-built & fully assembled
  • Multiple configurations with flow rates up to 2,500 GPM
  • Available as an insulated, self-contained system for cold weather applications
  • Fast, simple on-site set-up
  • Operates on non-level ground
  • Easy sludge monitoring and removal
  • Operator access platform for easy access and maximum safety
  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Designed for easy shipping
  • Pilot testing available