StormwateRx LLC Presents “Trends in Best Management Practices” at ISRI 2019 Convention & Exposition

The Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) recruited StormwateRx LLC to be a part of the “Emerging Trends in Stormwater” workshop series at ISRI’s 2019 Scrap Recycling Convention and Exposition held in Los Angeles, April 8-11, 2019. StormwateRx staff presented a talk entitled “Emerging Trends in Stormwater Best Management Practices”. The talk outlined some of the legal and regulatory pressures that compel scrap recycling businesses to implement comprehensive source control and structural Best Management Practices (BMPs). When those measures are not enough to meet stringent stormwater discharge regulatory requirements, some businesses choose to implement advanced stormwater treatment at their facilities. These treatment options can include gravity separation for oil and grease; media filtration for TSS and some metals; and biological treatment for COD.

Advanced treatment options are weighted by some important considerations: Is there room at the facility for the system? Will advanced treatment be feasible? What will the maintenance and lifecycle costs be? What are the capital costs vs. ROI? With so many potential treatment configurations, some stormwater filtration companies offer pilot demonstrations to help businesses evaluate the best treatment, or combination of treatments, for their facilities. In addition to helping companies meet stormwater quality requirements, successfully-treated stormwater can be reused for dust control, fire suppression, and irrigation.

To review the talk, download a PDF of the presentation here. ISRI 2020 is already on the calendar — check out the show.