Project Profiles


Ship Building and Repair, WA

A large ship fabrication facility in Anacortes reduced concentrations of zinc, copper, suspended solids and turbidity to below benchmarks with StormwateRx.


Railyard, WA

Two of BNSF Railway's South Seattle hub’s three drainage sub-basins required treatment for TSS, copper, zinc and turbidity to meet industrial general permit requirements.


Lubricating Oil Distributor, OR

StormwateRx replaced a failed filtration system with two Aquip Zinc-B-Gone pro systems, bringing the facility into full Industrial General Permit compliance.


Roofing Manufacturer, OR

A pacific northwest roofing shingle manufacturer was able to reduce concentrations of copper and zinc to the benchmarks with turn-key installation.


Scrap Metal Recycler, PA

Scrap metal recycler installs Clara basic separator at a new facility to trap oil and settleable solids and to comply with their NPDES stormwater permit.


Sanitary & Trash Service, WA

This award-winning recycling and garbage collection company installed stormwater filtration to meet MS4 and Industrial General Permit requirements.


Shipyard & Drydock, WA

Washington ship and boat repair facility installed a self-contained filtration system for pre-treatment to sanitary sewer of hydroblast water, and industrial stormwater.


US Air Force Firing Range, PA

A U.S. Air Force Reserve Station was concerned that heavy metals from spent ammunition rounds was being washed by stormwater runoff into a nearby waterway.


Scrap Metal Recycler, VA

Davis Industries, a scrap metal recycling facility in Lorton, Virginia, installed the most environmentally protective treatment system in the Chesapeake Bay region.


Aluminum Extruder, OR

This international company upgraded stormwater pollutant controls at three of its pacific northwest facilities and is in full permit compliance with benchmarks.


Non-ferrous Metal Recycler, OR

This 4-acre non-ferrous metal recycling facility located in Portland, Oregon required an above-ground configuration system into existing facilities.


Electric Utility, Pacific NW

Regional electric utility in the Pacific Northwest installed StormwateRx Clara basic separators to remove floatables, oil, and dirt from runoff from its substation and maintenance facilities.


Biomass-Fired Power Plant, CA

Stormwater treatment BMPs for a 50-acre, 25 megawatt biomass-fired power plant located on a 50-acre industrial site in California to meet the Industrial General Permit requirements.


Metal Recycler, CA

A family run LA company dealing in steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and all other metals targets removal of pollutants from stormwater using passive treatment.


Marine Terminal, WA

At 70-acres, and one of the largest barge terminals on the West Coast, this company adopted StormwateRx treatment to successfully target zinc, copper, TSS, and turbidity.


Boatyard & Yacht Service, WA

Seattle based Canal Boatyard, a family owned operation committed to keep the Puget Sound clean, installed an Aquip® enhanced stormwater filtration system.