New Purus Nitrate Removes Dissolved Nitrate from Stormwater

Purus Nitrate is the latest product in our Purus line of advanced polishers

The Purus Nitrate system targets soluble nitrite and nitrate in industrial stormwater runoff, making it ideal for industries where nitrogen compounds or petroleum products are used or where organic materials are processed, including, but not limited to fabricated metal products, food processing and chemical manufacturing. EPA stipulates a benchmark concentration for nitrite and nitrate in stormwater of 0.68 mg/L as nitrogen. Many multi-sector general permit holders and dischargers have nitrite and nitrate concentrations in their stormwater that exceeds this value.  Purus Nitrate can bring the stormwater quality back into check.

Purus Nitrate is normally installed and flow-matched in a “treatment train” configuration with StormwateRx’s Aquip upstream pre-filtration system. The typical removal efficiency of this technology falls in the range of 80 to 90% — usually to below the required numeric action level (NAL) or benchmark.

Purus Nitrate has a dissolved nitrite and nitrate capacity exceeding 40 pounds (as nitrogen) for a typical 100 to 300 gpm treatment flow rate.  Slipstream treatment configurations are available for extended run-time and lower nitrate concentration reduction applications.

Excess nitrogen in stormwater runoff can cause dramatic increases in the quantity and type of aquatic plant growth. This can, in turn, reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen, change the temperature and have toxic effects on other aquatic life and other animals that depend on the waterway.