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Aquip® Receives GULD Designation

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Newterra® Stormwaterx® Aquip® Filtration System Receives General Use Level Designation (GULD) Approval From The Washington State Department Of Ecology The Newterra® StormwateRx® Aquip® Enhanced Filtration System has received performance recognition and certification from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Using its Technology Assessment Protocol – [...]

Boatyard Owner/Operator Employs Aquip in Compliance Strategy

Pollution is washing from boatyards into Puget Sound. Who’s responsible? By Ysabelle Kempe Phil Riise worries about every single particle of pollution that washes from his waterfront business, Seaview Boatyard North, into Bellingham Bay. It’s partly because he cares about the body of water, where he fishes and [...]

Coatings Company Installs Aquip System to Remove Zinc

Members of Forrest Technical Coatings’ staff demonstrated very early on their commitment to reducing environmental impact, liability, and an eagerness to quickly meet permit compliance. Partnering with StormwateRx, Forrest Technical Coatings sought a cost-effective treatment strategy that aligned with their corporate environmental stewardship initiatives.

As Close to Drinking Water as it Gets: A Model Case Study of Stormwater Treatment, Compliance and Success

Metalcorp NZ Ltd, established in 1989, operates as a family-owned business from two branches within the South Island of New Zealand. As long-term members of the New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers, Metalcorp has demonstrated their commitment to raising the environmental protection standards within the metal recycling industry by proactively installing a series of stormwater treatment BMPs at their 0.6 hectare (1.5 acres) facility.

Clara Filter – High-Flow, High-Load Stormwater Filtration

StormwateRx developed Clara Filter, a patent-pending, passive high-rate media filter in a concrete structure that can serve as a standalone treatment or as a pretreatment BMP for sites with high total suspended solid (TSS) loading and frequent high-flow stormwater events.

With BOD, What You See is Not Often What You Get

Because BOD is not one specific pollutant, it can be difficult to characterize the nature of BOD, identify the source in stormwater runoff, and select the appropriate treatment approach to reduce BOD in stormwater runoff and discharge.

EPA Proposes Updates to Lead and Copper Rule

As part of Children’s Health Month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposed rule that significantly improves the actions that water systems must take to reduce lead in the nation’s drinking water.

Open Comment Period: Draft Washington Industrial Stormwater General Permit

If you hold a permit and discharge stormwater from your site in Washington, you may be interested to know that the Washington State Department of Ecology is holding an open public comment period for you and other interested parties to comment on the draft Industrial Stormwater General Permit. The public comment period runs from May 1, 2019 until to June 29, 2019.

When Does a Fish Need a Bicycle?

The StormwateRx FishheadsRx team needed bicycles this past weekend to ride in a (fun)draiser biking event to raise funds for a local environmental organization.

StormwateRx Presents at ISRI 2019

The Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) recruited StormwateRx LLC to be a part of the “Emerging Trends in Stormwater” workshop series at ISRI’s 2019 Scrap Recycling Convention and Exposition held in Los Angeles, April 8-11, 2019. StormwateRx presented a talk entitled “Emerging Trends in Stormwater Best Management Practices”.

Seaview Boatyard Leads in Reducing Hazardous Runoff

For Thiel and Phil Riise, making sustainable business decisions is part of the core beliefs and values that make up the foundation of their company — Seaview Boatyard. With that mindset, the two installed an advanced stormwater reclamation system at each of their boatyards at Shilshole Bay Marina and in Bellingham in 2008, which helped accelerate the adoption of similar stormwater treatment systems industrywide.

Under Pressure

With growing water quality concerns over the past two decades, industrial storm water permit requirements have become ever more stringent. For more than 20 years, through its proactive environmental compliance program, a metal recycling company in the Pacific Northwest has adapted to these tightening storm water permit requirements and maintained compliance.

Good Business Sense

'When Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc. (CASS), a large recycler of ferrous and nonferrous metals, was founded in 1969 in West Oakland, California, the surrounding neighborhood was largely industrial. Over the decades, that neighborhood has changed, and the area’s recent rising popularity has seen many former industrial buildings turned into residential housing and modern lofts. Throughout the years, CASS has continued to service domestic and international markets with its scrap metal recycling and secondary aluminum manufacturing facilities while also maintaining a positive presence in its local community.

Is Your StormwateRx System Rain-Ready?

Is your system ready for the upcoming rainy season? Your StormwateRx system can operate efficiently to help you meet your stormwater discharge goals if you give it a little help now and then. Keeping the media clean and fresh, batteries strong, and system checks up-to-date are great ways to get preparations started. We can help you if your system needs more extensive maintenance with a routine, a seasonal or a full maintenance.

New Purus Nitrate Removes Dissolved Nitrate from Stormwater

The Purus Nitrate system targets soluble nitrite and nitrate in industrial stormwater runoff, making it ideal for industries where nitrogen compounds or petroleum products are used or where organic materials are processed, including, but not limited to fabricated metal products, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. EPA stipulates a benchmark concentration for nitrite and nitrate in stormwater of 0.68 mg/L as nitrogen. Many multi-sector general permit holders and dischargers have nitrite and nitrate concentrations in their stormwater that exceeds this value. Purus Nitrate can bring the stormwater quality back into check.

What’s on Your Rooftop?

Even if you believe you are operating your industrial or commercial facility in the most environmentally-compliant way, the buildings at your facility could still be a significant source of toxic zinc and copper pollution flowing into rivers, lakes and other waterways. That’s why we created the Zinc-B-Gone® line of stormwater filters for the removal of dissolved zinc and copper from rooftop runoff. If you have zinc or copper in your process emissions, you might expect to need some sort of metals removal technology. But even something as common as galvanized roofing, a painted roof or galvanized HVAC equipment on your rooftop can put your operation over the limit for government-mandated benchmarks for zinc and copper in stormwater runoff.

Zinc-B-Gone for High Performance Zinc and Metals Removal

Zinc-B-Gone® Roof Runoff Pollutant Removal StormwateRx LLC shipped its first Zinc-B-Gone roof runoff filtration systems this past year. Zinc-B-Gone, a patent-pending standalone stormwater treatment system, provides an advanced level of stormwater pollutant removal. Designed specifically for filtration of rooftop runoff containing total and dissolved metals, these units reduce zinc [...]

StormwateRx has a New Look!

StormwateRx is pleased to announce the launch of our new website on Monday, February 20, 2017. Built on the Wordpress platform, the site brings vivid, original images and easy access to essential stormwater pollutant BMP-related content for our customers and associates. The site's fresh look works well on all [...]

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Responsible Stormwater Handling

Safe and responsible handling of stormwater at an industrial site can provide many benefits for the facility as well as the local water treatment systems.

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StormwateRx has Treatment Systems to Meet Specific Needs

StormwateRx has Treatment Systems to Meet Specific Needs Stormwater Best Management Practices and Products Configured to Help Industries Meet Strict Environmental Benchmarks   StormwateRx, a provider of industrial stormwater treatment and filtration systems, is introducing Industry Remedies, a series of stormwater best management practices and [...]

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Seattle Channel Features Pacific Fishermen (Video)

Enjoy this 5 minute video featuring a well-respected, historical company: Pacific Fishermen. We are proud to call them clients and friends. This video is a great tribute to their work, history, and contribution to pacific waters both in industry and clean water practices.

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Fact Sheet: Aquip Filter Removes Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a common element in all natural materials and in many inorganic industrial chemicals. Some industry sectors are required to analyze their stormwater to determine if nitrogen sources are impacting the stormwater quality.

Third Party report verifies Aquip removal of PCBs

Third Party report verifies Aquip removal of PCBs This technical memorandum presents the analytical results for two stormwater treatment system sampling events. URS collected treatment system influent and effluent water samples on February 22 and April 22, 2013 The treatment system, installed by StormwateRx in February [...]

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Compliance Quandry: Stormwater Controls for Industrial Projects

uStormwateRx Introduces Industry Remedies to Meet Unique Stormwater Treatment Needs of Specific Industries Stormwater Best Management Practices and Products Configured to Help Industries Meet Strict Environmental Benchmarks Increasingly stringent storm water standards are being set in states and cities around the country as they strive to [...]

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Virginia Scrap Metal Recycler Installs Advanced StormwateRx Treatment System

Virginia Scrap Metal Recycler Installs Advanced StormwateRx Treatment System StormwateRx treatment system at Davis Industries in Lorton, VA is the most environmentally protective installation on the East Coast. The installation, which utilizes Aquip® and Purus® systems in a stormwater treatment train, assures a high level of pollutant removal and [...]

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Industry Remedies to Meet Unique Needs of Specific Industry Sectors

StormwateRx announced the introduction of its Industry Remedies, a series of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) and product configurations to meet the unique needs of specific industries, including energy, metal products, recycling, transportation, marine, rubber and plastics, food processing, wood products and solid waste, among others.

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Scrap Magazine features StormwateRx

Scrap Magazine features StormwateRx StormwateRx hires Michael Peters for regional sales manager   Portland, Oregon — June, 2010 — StormwateRx (, a provider of industrial stormwater treatment and filtration systems, today announced Michael Peters as regional sales manager. View Full Article PDF [...]

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Minimizing Industrial Pollution from Runoff

Minimizing Industrial Pollution from Runoff Progressive Engineer | Editor: Tom Gibson Most of us are familiar with the municipal type of stormwater that flows as runoff from strip malls, big-box stores, public parking lots, and roadways. The rainwater collects in storm drains and flows through culverts [...]

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Industrial Stormwater Case Studies

Presentation Outline - Industrial Industrial - About StormwateRx About StormwateRx - Stormwater Stormwater Treatability - Benchmarks Benchmarks - Chemistry Chemistry - Technology

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New Developments in Stormwater Filtration

Northwest Industrial Permits | Progress toward benchmarks | Treatment Treatment BMPs: Role of Chemistry: Oil and grease Oil and grease, TSS and turbidity TSS and turbidity, Dissolved metals Dissolved metals

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CSR Marine: A Leader in Stormwater Cleanup

The presence of copper in boatyard runoff can originate from a number of causes. Boatyards are now farm more cautious about the application, cleaning, and disposal of copper-based bottom paints.

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Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Cost Analysis

In order to develop a common basis of costing, a typical boatyard was considered to be two acres of flat, impervious surface with one stormwater outfall. Based on a survey of boatyards, the typical boatyard does not have all necessary infrastructure in place to effectively collect stormwater.

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Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Study

The 3rd Party Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Party Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Study Report follows. Included Technology Study Report follows. Included herein is a summary of the results in an herein is a summary of the results in an abbreviated format.

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Clouds on the Horizon

Stormwater control might become more costly or complex when a new EPA proposal takes effect, and potential state-level changes have serious implications as well.