Is Your StormwateRx System Ready for the Rain?

Annual Tune-up and Inspections of Your Stormwater Treatment System: Clara, Retenu, Aquip, Purus and Zinc-B-Gone

Is your system ready for the upcoming rainy season? Your StormwateRx system can operate efficiently to help you meet your stormwater discharge goals if you give it a little help now and then. Keeping the media clean and fresh, batteries strong, and system checks up-to-date are great ways to get preparations started. We can help you if your system needs more extensive maintenance with a routine, a seasonal or a full maintenance. Here are a few specific steps you can take yourself to prepare your treatment systems to do the job they are designed to do…

For your Clara:

  1. Clean out chamber #1 and skim off any surface accumulation in chambers #2 & #3. Chamber #4 should be empty.  See the Clara O&M for more detailed information.

For your Aquip, Zinc-B-Gone basic or Zinc-B-Gone pro:

  1. Routine surface scraping: Replenish media to bring media thickness up to 9 inches of inert media.
  2. Check the flow meter readings and replace the batteries, if needed.
  3. Confirm flow rate into your Aquip by checking the flow reading on flow meter during a storm event.
  4. Have a plan for inclement weather. See the Aquip O&M for more guidance.

For your Purus:

  1. Clean your Purus disinfection lamps.
  2. Change out the filter cartridges.
  3. Train your staff on system operations and maintenance.
  4. Document system maintenance and performance for your SWPPP.

For your Retenu:

  1. During storm event, confirm that backwash procedures are going to completion as expected.
  2. Consider a complete media changeout.
  3. See the Retenu O&M for more detailed information.

To support your maintenance routine, keep in mind the following questions:

  1. Are my compliance sample results where I want them to be?
  2. Is there a trend in my compliance testing that I like?
  3. Have I done any performance testing?
  4. Do I need to complete maintenance efforts before collection of my next compliance (or performance) samples?
  5. Do I need a quote for replacement materials?
  6. Have I planned for the cost of maintenance activities to carry me through the coming rain year?

We are here for you if would like help determining if your system needs a routine, a seasonal or a full maintenance. We can talk with you over the phone or schedule a site visit. Just let us know what works for you.