Good Business Sense

California-based scrap metal recycling company CASS Inc. finds stormwater treatment makes good business sense.

Jennifer Newton

‘When Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc. (CASS), a large recycler of ferrous and nonferrous metals, was founded in 1969 in West Oakland, California, the surrounding neighborhood was largely industrial. Over the decades, that neighborhood has changed, and the area’s recent rising popularity has seen many former industrial buildings turned into residential housing and modern lofts.

Throughout the years, CASS has continued to service domestic and international markets with its scrap metal recycling and secondary aluminum manufacturing facilities while also maintaining a positive presence in its local community.

“We are an industrial facility, but we are also neighbors who live and work in the community,” says CASS CEO Edward Kangeter. “And our goal is to be a good neighbor and contributor to society while fostering a sustainable approach to utilizing natural resources.”

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Jennifer Newton is president of Bluehouse Consulting Group Inc., Banks, Oregon.