Project Description

Roofing Manufacturer, Pacific Northwest

An international roofing manufacturing company triggered a corrective action requirement for zinc and copper under the conditions of its Industrial General Permit. StormwateRx was contracted for a fast track turn-key design, supply and installation of its Aquip enhanced filtration system to purify the facility stormwater. StormwateRx was able to design, supply, install and startup the treatment systems within nine weeks of project award. StormwateRx met the regulatory deadline and the treatment system is consistently treating to below benchmarks.

TARGET POLLUTANTS: copper and zinc


zinc b gone stormwater treatment


An international roofing shingle manufacturing company with a facility in the Pacific Northwest triggered corrective actions for zinc and copper at one of its stormwater outfalls during the stormwater sampling year.

Following a successful installation at another of the company’s facilities, StormwateRx was contracted for fast track turn-key design, supply and installation of another stormwater treatment system to reduce discharges of zinc and copper to the benchmarks. The treatment design developed by StormwateRx required no excavation which accelerated the permitting timeline and substantially reduced the cost of the project. The total project timeline from StormwateRx contract award to powering up the treatment system was nine (9) weeks.

The corrective action sizing criteria were based on the peak runoff flowrate of 50% of the 2-year, 24-hour storm for the plant’s geographic location. Using existing below ground detention, StormwateRx’s design calculations generated a treatment flow rate of 160 gpm from the 3.5 acres of unpaved surface in the drainage area. Additional detention was added to allow treatment of the Tier II runoff at a flow rate of 110 gpm.

StormwateRx engineers developed an innovative pump station design that allowed retrofitting an existing 14 inch diameter manhole with a treatment system pump, gravity high flow bypass and treated stormwater discharge without excavation.  The final treatment system configuration included the pump station retrofit, a small above-ground detention tank, and an Aquip 110SBE enhanced stormwater filtration system.  The facility has been in full compliance since the treatment system was put online.


The roofing shingle manufacturing facility was able to reduce concentrations of copper and zinc from the to below the benchmarks from the time the system was brought online to date. 100% compliance.