Project Description

Lubricating Oil Distributor, Pacific Northwest

An international architectural and engineering firm called on StormwateRx to replace a failed stormwater filtration system installed at an lubricating oil distribution facility owned by the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the world. Two Aquip Zinc-B-Gone 50 Max filtration systems were installed and have brought the facility into full compliance with the facility’s Industrial General Permit and benchmarks.



zinc b gone stormwater treatment


StormwateRx was approached by AECOM, the #1 ranked global design firm by Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine in July 2016, to solve a lingering stormwater zinc pollutant problem at a lubricating oil distribution facility operated by the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the world. The Pacific Northwest facility had been retrofit with a failed stormwater treatment system by a prior consultant and was under a corrective action order by the state Department of Environmental Quality to reduce zinc concentrations in stormwater runoff to below the benchmark of 120 ug/L zinc.

StormwateRx worked with the engineer, local and Corporate environmental and facilities staff to size and locate Aquip Zinc-B-Gone stormwater treatment for the 1.1 acre warehouse facility. The building was retrofit with new gutters to consolidate flows to two Aquip Zinc-B-Gone Max 50 advanced stormwater polishing filters. The fully passive Zinc-B-Gone filters treat stormwater in a two-step process – first to remove particulates and debris, and second to remove dissolved zinc and other metals to very low residual levels. The Aquip Zinc-B-Gone process is highly effective and effluent stormwater quality from the systems have been well below the benchmarks since the filters were put online.


Aquip Zinc-B-Gone Max 50 Results

  • Inlet (untreated): 532 – 574 ug/L zinc (well above benchmark)
  • Outlet (treated): 2 – 14 ug/L zinc (well below benchmark)
  • Benchmark: 120 ug/L zinc

This exceptional performance by the Zinc-B-Gone filters allowed for untreated stormwater from the plant grounds to comingle with the treated water and still be below the benchmark.