Project Description

Calbag Metals Company, Portland, OR

Calbag Metals Co. is a 4-acre non-ferrous metal recycling facility located in Portland, Oregon. The ISO 14001 registered company has taken great strides to become an industry leader in environmental protection. In 2008 the company installed a StormwateRx treatment train, replacing an aging and under-performing canister filtration system. With several upgrades that have tracked adoption of more stringent Industrial General Permits, the company remains compliant with its Industrial General Permit.

Pollutants: copper, zinc


zinc b gone stormwater treatment


The metal recycling facility had been using catch basin inserts along with an oil/water separator and a cartridge filter with compostmedia, to treat the site’s stormwater prior to discharge. Though the cartridge filter noticeably reduced contaminants in Calbag’s stormwater discharge, it was not able to achieve adequate copper or zinc removal to meet the site’s stormwater permit requirements.

In 2008, Calbag Metals undertook an initiative to upgrade its stormwater management system to comply with a newly adopted and more stringent Industrial General Permit.  The facility replaced the aging and under-performing canister filtration system with StormwateRx treatment including Clara basic separator, and Aquip enhanced filtration. A second treatment train consisting of Clara and Aquip was installed on a smaller drainage subbasin and outfall at the site.  As the state adopted yet another more stringent permit 5 years later, Calbag Metals added Purus basic polishing to their treatment train and the facility continues to be fully compliant with the permit.

Calbag Metals, Tacoma, Washington ferrous scrap metal recycling yard also utilizes and Aquip filtration system to keep it’s operations compliant with the State of Washington Department of Ecology Industrial General Permit.

Calbag Metals Stormwater Solution


StormwateRx supplied Calbag Metals with an easily integrated system into existing facilities with minimal construction cost. It has a relatively small footprint, above-ground configuration, and passive(gravity operated) flow-through design that has successfully brought Calbag Metals into compliance.