Project Description

Canal Boatyard, Washington

Canal Boatyard was looking for an effective stormwater treatment system that could easily be retrofit to existing dock infrastructure without requiring site excavation. StormwateRx assisted with a design and supply of an Aquip stormwater filtration system at the water’s edge.



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Canal Boatyard in the Ballard area of Seattle, Washington installed an Aquip filtration system in 2009.  Canal selected StormwateRx based on recommended findings from the The Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Study (Taylor Associates, 2008) and the Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Cost Analysis (Arcadis, 2008.)  Canal Boatyard was looking for an effective retrofit stormwater treatment system that would overcome the challenges of the transfer piping being above grade and the filtration unit being near the dock and the water’s edge. They also required that the system would be easy for site staff to manage and maintain.

StormwateRx designed a stormwater Aquip enhanced stormwater filtration system integration plan that was simple to retrofit and used the existing Canal Boatyard terminal stormwater sump for a pump station.  Piping to and from the Aquip filter was field routed above ground taking advantage of site profile features that protected the piping.  Canal Boatyard’s Manager, Ivaylo Minkov, put the filter into the company’s preventative maintenance program and has been below the benchmarks since the system was installed.

  • Industrial Process:  Commercial and recreational boat maintenance including boat haulout, boat bottom work including stripping and painting, general maintenance, fiberglass work, topside paint and refinishing, woodwork, mechanical and systems, rigging and fabrication.
  • Drainage Characteristics: Single drainage basin, 1.9 acres.  Discharges to receiving water.  100% impervious.   Design flow rate of 85 gpm.
  • Treatment Characteristics:  Treatment sizing meets the Western Washington Hydrology Model stormwater sizing method that diverts approximately 91% of the annual average runoff volume through treatment.


The boatyard stormwater discharges were below the benchmarks.