Clouds on the Horizon

Stormwater control might become more costly or complex when a new EPA proposal takes effect, and potential state-level changes have serious implications as well.

By Kim Fernandez – Scrap Magazine


Decades ago, scrap recyclers didn’t worry too much about stormwater. When it rained, the water ran off many of their properties into storm sewers or nearby bodies of water, but they didn’t filter or funnel that water, let alone analyze what it contained.

About 20 years ago, however, implementation of the federal Clean Water Act made stormwater a topic of industry concern. And about 15 years ago, when the U.S. EPA first introduced stormwater permits, recyclers began to face complex requirements to monitor and control stormwater runoff from their facilities. State regulations and lawsuits from consumer and environmental organizations have further muddied the waters, imposing more stringent requirements on some businesses.

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