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19 04, 2019

StormwateRx Presents at ISRI 2019


The Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) recruited StormwateRx LLC to be a part of the “Emerging Trends in Stormwater” workshop series at ISRI’s 2019 Scrap Recycling Convention and Exposition held in Los Angeles, April 8-11, 2019. StormwateRx presented a talk entitled “Emerging Trends in Stormwater Best Management Practices”.

StormwateRx Presents at ISRI 20192019-05-20T13:15:45-07:00
13 03, 2019

Seaview Boatyard Leads in Reducing Hazardous Runoff


For Thiel and Phil Riise, making sustainable business decisions is part of the core beliefs and values that make up the foundation of their company — Seaview Boatyard. With that mindset, the two installed an advanced stormwater reclamation system at each of their boatyards at Shilshole Bay Marina and in Bellingham in 2008, which helped accelerate the adoption of similar stormwater treatment systems industrywide.

Seaview Boatyard Leads in Reducing Hazardous Runoff2019-04-19T12:02:19-07:00
5 02, 2019

Under Pressure


With growing water quality concerns over the past two decades, industrial storm water permit requirements have become ever more stringent. For more than 20 years, through its proactive environmental compliance program, a metal recycling company in the Pacific Northwest has adapted to these tightening storm water permit requirements and maintained compliance.

Under Pressure2019-04-19T12:03:08-07:00
4 01, 2019

Good Business Sense


'When Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc. (CASS), a large recycler of ferrous and nonferrous metals, was founded in 1969 in West Oakland, California, the surrounding neighborhood was largely industrial. Over the decades, that neighborhood has changed, and the area’s recent rising popularity has seen many former industrial buildings turned into residential housing and modern lofts. Throughout the years, CASS has continued to service domestic and international markets with its scrap metal recycling and secondary aluminum manufacturing facilities while also maintaining a positive presence in its local community.

Good Business Sense2019-04-19T12:04:23-07:00
12 09, 2018

Is Your StormwateRx System Rain-Ready?


Is your system ready for the upcoming rainy season? Your StormwateRx system can operate efficiently to help you meet your stormwater discharge goals if you give it a little help now and then. Keeping the media clean and fresh, batteries strong, and system checks up-to-date are great ways to get preparations started. We can help you if your system needs more extensive maintenance with a routine, a seasonal or a full maintenance.

Is Your StormwateRx System Rain-Ready?2019-04-19T12:06:20-07:00
13 08, 2018

New Purus Nitrate Removes Dissolved Nitrate from Stormwater


The Purus Nitrate system targets soluble nitrite and nitrate in industrial stormwater runoff, making it ideal for industries where nitrogen compounds or petroleum products are used or where organic materials are processed, including, but not limited to fabricated metal products, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. EPA stipulates a benchmark concentration for nitrite and nitrate in stormwater of 0.68 mg/L as nitrogen. Many multi-sector general permit holders and dischargers have nitrite and nitrate concentrations in their stormwater that exceeds this value. Purus Nitrate can bring the stormwater quality back into check.

New Purus Nitrate Removes Dissolved Nitrate from Stormwater2019-04-19T12:08:18-07:00
27 02, 2018

What’s on Your Rooftop?


Even if you believe you are operating your industrial or commercial facility in the most environmentally-compliant way, the buildings at your facility could still be a significant source of toxic zinc and copper pollution flowing into rivers, lakes and other waterways. That’s why we created the Zinc-B-Gone® line of stormwater filters for the removal of dissolved zinc and copper from rooftop runoff. If you have zinc or copper in your process emissions, you might expect to need some sort of metals removal technology. But even something as common as galvanized roofing, a painted roof or galvanized HVAC equipment on your rooftop can put your operation over the limit for government-mandated benchmarks for zinc and copper in stormwater runoff.

What’s on Your Rooftop?2020-01-16T15:38:33-08:00
1 10, 2017

Zinc-B-Gone for High Performance Zinc and Metals Removal


Zinc-B-Gone® Roof Runoff Pollutant Removal

StormwateRx LLC shipped its first Zinc-B-Gone roof runoff filtration systems this past year. Zinc-B-Gone, a patent-pending standalone stormwater treatment system, provides an advanced level of stormwater pollutant removal. Designed specifically for filtration of rooftop runoff containing total and dissolved metals, these units reduce zinc and other dissolved metals to […]

Zinc-B-Gone for High Performance Zinc and Metals Removal2018-12-15T20:49:14-08:00
21 02, 2017

StormwateRx has a New Look!


StormwateRx is pleased to announce the launch of our new website on Monday, February 20, 2017. Built on the WordPress platform, the site brings vivid, original images and easy access to essential stormwater pollutant BMP-related content for our customers and associates. The site’s fresh look works well on all devices and gives a cleaner, more […]

StormwateRx has a New Look!2017-07-25T19:37:07-07:00
26 11, 2016

Responsible Stormwater Handling


Safe and responsible handling of stormwater at an industrial site can provide many benefits for the facility as well as the local water treatment systems.

Responsible Stormwater Handling2016-11-28T14:59:46-08:00